1. Korean Air 1

    appropriate time to publish this. on another Korean Air flight in an hour. sent from Sydney airport. now.


  2. nearlya:

    Andreas Gursky. Ocean V, Ocean II, Ocean IV (and detail), 2010, chromogenic prints


  3. diary page from years ago, great text. David Rieff, but where, what? Help!


  4. Korean Air #8


  5. Korean Air #7


  6. Korean Air #6


  7. Korean Air


  8. Hiromi Uehara solo *sigh*


  9. Korean Air #04


  10. Korean Air #03


  11. Korean Air #02


  12. Korean Air #01

    travel photography, ThirdCultureKid stuff.

    been meaning to publish this series for a while.


  13. nach Berlin

    visual diary page, on the train to Berlin.


  14. just photography. Vaucluse cliffs + storm, Sydney.


  15. der deutsche Wald

    working on Bert’s project(ed trees in 3D…) I like the serendipitous colours.