1. haha, found a pic of me doing that.

    On top of Mt. Kosciuszko January 2006


  2. 'Marsha'

    Digital Matte Painting just for fun. 2005


  3. Smiths Lake sunset

    2004 sketchbook, A4


  4. Smiths Lake rain - February 2004


  5. Smiths Lake night

    2004 sketchbook, A4


  6. Smiths Lake with raindrops

    2004 sketchbook, A4


  7. Smiths Lake, Cellito Beach

    from 2004 sketchbook, A4


  8. Hawks Nest sunset.

    beach, bush, sky

    early work. A3ish


  9. Country/City Aerial watercolour, A3ish

    old experiment….


  10. Winda Woppa, Hawks Nest 2010. A4


  11. Stefan Huber - “Amazonas”, Leuchtkasten, 102,4 x 42,7 cm
    Galerie SixFriedrichLisaUngar, München 2006


  12. Blueys Beach

    from my 2004(?) visual diary sketchbook thing, A4


  13. Florence Bay, Magnetic Island, 2010. A4


  14. likeafieldmouse:

    Thomas Ruff - MA.R.S. (2012)

    "A combination of the visual data obtained during explorations of Mars and the technological sophistication achieved in images on interplanetary space. As with all of these series on cosmic space, Ruff initially had to sift through a vast body of material that required a certain level of expertise to be able to select and thus interpret what is being seen through the images obtained.

    The series MA.R.S. offers a low-level aerial survey of the surface of Mars, using color filters that create a tenuous glow and thus convert the planet’s arid surface into that ‘promise of happiness’ which should be associated with everything related to beauty, according to Stendhal.”


  15. Sunset at Geoffrey Bay, Magnetic Island.

    2010 A4. really quick.